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Smartflix lets you watch the global Netflix catalogue

Smartflix lets you watch the global Netflix catalogue

by userJanuary 9, 2016

Smartflix is a new application for Windows and OS X that allows you to access Netflix’s complete global catalogue of 14,000 films and TV shows.

Netflix users in the UK can currently only access 2,985 films and TV shows across all genres.

Netflix varies content for countries based on their distribution deals. Some users use VPN’s to access different Netflix content libraries using plugins like Hola and Tunnelbear however Smartflix brings the content from all countries together in one app so you don’t have to manually find what you’re looking for.

The developer explained how Smartflix works in a reddit post:

It proxifies some requests when needed to bypass location restrictions. The stream and most of the heavy other assets comes directly from Netflix. It is WAY better and safer than VPNs and “smart DNS” services (both potentially routing and/or intercepting every requests your computer makes at any time).

Smartflix is currently in beta and free to use until release. It features the entire Netflix library, 1080p streaming, manual quality selection, media keys support and a mini-player.

The developer of Smartflix has confirmed that there is an iOS application in development and when the desktop application is officially released there will be a $7.99 lifetime subscription required to use the app.


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