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Wakie lets you wake up strangers

Wakie lets you wake up strangers

by userDecember 15, 2014

Wakie is an app that lets you wake up strangers

Wakie is a brand new social alarm clock that hopes to reinvent the alarm clock. It connects you with strangers to either wake them up or be woken up by them at chosen times set by an alarm in the app.

Wakie is already available on iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices and is completely free to use. With the app already gaining 1.5 million members from 80 countries, you could be woken up by anyone across the world.

For example, by setting an alarm for 7am other users of the app will see that you want waking up and one person will connect to you at that time. If you feel in the mood for waking someone up, you can check who needs waking up and then choose to wake them up.

The calls are made through Wakie at no cost and your number remains private at all times. The calls are limited to 60 seconds and a beep is heard 50 seconds into the call so you know to wrap up your conversation.

So far there have been countless different creative ways of people being woken up ranging from people singing songs, reciting poems, or even just impersonating famous people.

Wakie’s CEO and co-founder told TechCrunch “A lot of people keep snoozing alarm clocks and still can’t wake up”, “Our research shows that a one-minute talk to a stranger wakes your brain up with a 99% guarantee. When someone asks you questions in the morning your brain has to wake up to answer. Also you try to be kind, you try to turn on your social pattern of behavior. After the call you can’t sleep anymore even if you had a short sleep.”

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