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July 26, 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Review

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Movie Review

Amidst religious and political divisions in our society, ‘Dawn of Apes’ (DOA) gives a deepful, and rather poignant, insight into the struggle for peace and cohesion. With the analogy of Apes, Matt Reeve’s examines two groups (the apes and humans) and creates a web of parallelism, which equates an Ape to an human and vice versa. It’s deep stuff, which is propelled along with a heavy emotional core that’s complimented beautifully with stunning visuals. DOA is such a compelling film because it’s direction is rare, it has the CGI and bombastic end fight, but this is all secondary to a deep character [...]

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March 9, 2014

‘Her’ Movie Review

Her – Movie Plot and Review

What is real? What constitutes a relationship? Are humans free? These are some issues Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ tackles with and does so in an intelligent way which is touching and incredibly thought provoking, but it’s inconsistent pacing hinders the ability of these issues to fully resonate with the viewer.

I was sceptical about watching ‘Her’ because I didn’t believe a film which involved a man falling in love with an operating system (OS) could be entertaining. I was wrong. ‘Her’ is so simplistic and the execution of the film is ever so rewarding, from the cinematography, to the [...]

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February 12, 2014

Lone Survivor – Review

Lone Survivor Movie Review

The ‘Lone Survivor’ is yet again another film based on a true story. It’s gritty, but lacks any sense of drama or character development and is hindered by its simplistic and limited script.

The film focuses on a group of Navy Seals who embark on a recon mission is a remote region of Afghanistan, they are soon ambushed by Taliban and only one survives. This sounds incredibly simplistic and that is what the film is. Peter Berg makes no effort to go delve deep into this unfortunate event, instead we get a film which is fixated upon the brutality and violence of what happens, so much so that any motive to convey emotion is reduced to [...]

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February 9, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club – Review

Dallas Buyers Club – Movie Review

Dallas Buyers Club is a gritty drama which boldly tackles the issue of homosexuality in 1980’s America. There is little else to say other than this film is a great piece of art which should most definitely be in contention for Academy Awards.

The story revolves around the protagonist Ron Woodroof who is diagnosed with HIV in a time where there is little treatment given to those who have the illness. He overcomes the prejudice surrounding HIV and the matter of homosexual intercourse and the character grows throughout the film, like most people in Dallas he abhors “faggots” but he befriends Raymon (Jared Leto) who is a a [...]

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