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February 9, 2014

Robocop: Reboot review

Robocop reboot review

As you may know Robocop was a film originally from 1987, and as you know they have recently released a remake of the film. When I saw the original, it was funny, entertaining, gripping and had a great story line. Clarence Boddicker (played by Kurtwood Smith) is well known for being one of the greatest villains to hit the big screen.

However, when I saw the remake, it tackled the film from a completely different angle. It was less focused on action but more on the concept, why are they making a robocop? What difficulties do they over come? How do they do it? They tried to make it more realistic than the 1980’s version. However, the story line in the [...]

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January 26, 2014

Films in 2014 – Remakes, reboots and sequels

As with previous years, films in 2014 are teaming with sequels and various reboots and remakes. This isn’t a bad thing as long as they are handled well. This being said, sequels are notorious for being bad and therefore I am pessimistic about the quality of films in 2014. It will most definitely be a year which boasts advances in CGI and there will be blockbusters, but unfortunately this prevents the emergence of new original films.

February sees the release of ‘Robocop‘, a remake of the beloved sci-fi franchise. It’s peculiar release date of February is usually when not so great films are released and therefore I question if this film [...]

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