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July 9, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Review

Age of Extinction – Movie Review

I tried to fend off early criticisms of this film and the whole franchise in general. My criticisms of this film are not concerned with the sustained action and devastation as I understand this is the nature of the film, moreover I think this films failings lie in defects the previous films suffered; an expositional script, weak characters, a repetitive plot and an unjustifiably elongated runtime. The forth sequel is the best sequel to date, but it still fails to rekindle that magic of the first film; that same level of a comedic element isn’t present in this one and unlike the 2007 rendition, no characters really grasps one’s [...]

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July 1, 2014

Are critical criticisms of the Transformers series valid?

Age of Extinction – Criticisms

With Transformers Age of Extinction upon the brink of release in the UK, I have read all the early reviews for the film and have been left fairly flustered. The film, and the whole series, has come under fire for the “lack of realism” and the “cheesy” nature of the films. In my eyes, these types of criticisms are void because the film in inherently cheesy and isn’t supposed to be grounded in any sense. I’ll have to come clean and say the Transformer movies are one of my guilty pleasures, but even so they seem to be getting progressively worse and longer, I’m hoping the new one can redeem the dignity of the [...]

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February 12, 2014

Lone Survivor – Review

Lone Survivor Movie Review

The ‘Lone Survivor’ is yet again another film based on a true story. It’s gritty, but lacks any sense of drama or character development and is hindered by its simplistic and limited script.

The film focuses on a group of Navy Seals who embark on a recon mission is a remote region of Afghanistan, they are soon ambushed by Taliban and only one survives. This sounds incredibly simplistic and that is what the film is. Peter Berg makes no effort to go delve deep into this unfortunate event, instead we get a film which is fixated upon the brutality and violence of what happens, so much so that any motive to convey emotion is reduced to [...]

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