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July 3, 2014

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – First glance at Superman

First image of Superman from Dawn of Justice released

The mystery behind the new Batman v Superman is being unraveled, slowly, we are beginning to see the tone of the film through the emergence of pictures. It looks dark, broody and sinister. I can’t help but question, is this the right way to go about making a Superman film? To answer/address this question I must give my opinion on Man of Steel. Did the tone work? No. Was the character of Superman exposed and explored deeply enough? No. I know it’s too late to do a U-turn but this image looks like it’s more of the same, to really make this film work Snyder will have to elevate the dry tone of the first one and I [...]

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April 27, 2014

Is ‘Batman vs. Superman’ doomed?

I don’t think this is a Superman sequel any more. With so much attention being drawn to Marvel it is only right to talk about DC. Whilst the initial prospect was promising, announcements made by the studios developing this film have quelled my excitement. I fear DC are attempting to overcompensate for their lack of a ‘Justice League’ by bloating ‘Batman vs Superman’. The recent ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ was designed to introduce the ‘Sinister Six’, by the sound of things ‘Batman vs Superman’ is heading the same way; a sequel is being made just to accommodate another sequel. Terrible casting choices have been made and too [...]

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