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January 2, 2015

Boyhood – The ‘Gravity’ of 2014



Boyhood – The ‘Gravity’ of 2014

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Over the last few years it seems to have become apparent that certain films are praised enormously solely due to a unique gimmick. Avatar was ‘ground-breaking’ in terms of effects, like Gravity – both, I believe to be, mind-numbingly dull and generic. This year, Boyhood fills the gap with a film that took 12 years to film – [...]

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November 10, 2014

Nightcrawler – Review

Nightcrawler Movie Review

Jake Gyllenhaal is renowned for playing dark and mysterious characters; Donnie Darko, Inspector Loki and Adam + Anthony. But one can say without the slightest bit of apprehension, that Louis Bloom is undoubtedly his best role to date. He’s a troubled man, who’s soaring ambitions know no moral bound. It’s Gyllenhall’s best performance to date and Louis Bloom could easily be one of the best psychopath’s to don the big screen. Nightcrawler is nothing but pure genius, it’s clever when it needs to be, gripping in all the right places and has a stupendous screenplay which gives characters rich development. From its acting to [...]

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