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January 11, 2015

Foxcatcher – A masterful display of acting prowess, burdened with a sedated pace



Foxcatcher – Movie Review

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How interesting can a film about American wrestling be? Fairly, if executed properly. Unfortunately, Foxcatcher lacks the pacing needed to push the film beyond its bland boundaries. It’s sluggish and dabbles in wrestling, but never fulfils the potential is teases. Whilst it suffices as a critique of American culture, it lacks the emotional and intelligent punch [...]

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June 12, 2014

22 Jump Street – A slap in the face to the comedy genre

22 Jump Street – Movie Review

21 Jump Street was arguably the biggest surprise of 2012, its success was so large that it spawned a sequel – ingeniously named 22 Jump Street. It’s essentially the same thing, only its bigger budget allows for slicker looking action scenes with hard hitting, gut busting laughs. 22 Jump Street is unlike anything in the comedy genre, the film indulges in excess meta-film making as the film repeatedly mocks the plot for showing a lack of creativity. References are made to the undercover department having double the budget but doing exactly the same job, this epitomises the nature of the film and the film is self-aware of this repetition. [...]

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