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January 6, 2016

Daredevil season 2 to debut against Batman v Superman on March 25th

Marvel vs DC

With Marvel’s most recent Netflix show Jessica Jones showing signs of success it’s time to start looking towards the original first, Daredevil season 2. Although Marvel and Netflix have yet to set an official release date for it a rumour suggests that it will debut directly against DC’s Batman v Superman.

Based on info gathered from “independent sources” is reporting that Daredevil season will debut on March 25th. The same day as Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice is scheduled to hit theaters. A double edged sword situation with a little more sharpness leaning towards Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice, If this rumour were [...]

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July 12, 2015

LEAKED Batman v Superman story – MAJOR SPOILERS



Reddit user The_Real_Classic has leaked the story to Batman v Superman, there is no confirmation that this is 100% accurate however this was posted a week ago and matches up with what we have seen in the latest trailer.

Three years after the Battle of Metropolis, Clark Kent is protecting the world as Superman and working as a reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. Superman has become a controversial figure, with some blaming him for the destruction caused by General Zod and others believing him to be a hero. Lois Lane is covering the civil war on Khandaq in the Middle East, while Clark is forced to cover minor stories. [...]

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October 29, 2014

Gone Girl – Review

Gone Girl Review

‘Gone Girl’ marks David Fincher’s return to the dark, mysterious world of which he revels in. It’s a twisted psychological thriller that is made great and fresh by steller acting and a clever script. Essentially, it’s a character study and the film boasts intricate and complex characters; characters whom we assume we know, but the twists that are masterfully deployed by Fincher eliminate any sense of knowledge we know about these characters. The film keeps you on edge for the most part, but its resolution is underwhelming with more questions arising rather than answers. Whilst this gives off a sense of frustration, it gives off a far [...]

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