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NEON – the new look of Windows 10

NEON – the new look of Windows 10

by userFebruary 16, 2017

Microsoft confirms the existence of NEON during a meeting with developers, offering a first look of the new design of Windows 10.

Project NEON is the name given by Microsoft to indicate the new Windows 10 stylistic path which will be enabled with Redstone 3, expected by the end of the year. The look was revealed as a background image in Microsoft’s sneak peak of Windows 10.


“Make beautiful, engaging experiences possible on the Windows platform- simply, and by default”

In the screenshot showed at the Windows Developer Day, the company displayed a dark window overlaid with this description. The new aesthetic choice will therefore be adopted on the original apps, but also, and most of all, it will be possible to be integrated on apps developed by third parties.

NEON will be based on the use of graphic elements to make the interface appear cleaner, with more precise animations and transparencies. However, Microsoft wants to challenge the developers to embrace the new UI as soon as possible, in order to make the UI consistent across all apps in the OS.

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An anticipation of the update

It is likely the release of the new user interface will coincide with Redstone 3. An official announcement could happen at the conference for Build developers in of May. At Build 2017, Microsoft will talk about the next update of Windows 10, now known as Redstone 3, with the release of the first version Insider (beta) with NEON that could be following within a few weeks.

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