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Dublin Tech Summit hopes to establish Dublin as leader of world tech

The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is an international technology conference held in Dublin, Ireland. The first summit is planned for 15 and 16 February 2017, at the Convention Centre Dublin in the city’s “Silicon Docks”. The Convention Centre Dublin is expected to hold approximately 10,000 attendees from Ireland and further afield. A two-day-long event, it is hoped that the Summit will provide an economic boost for local businesses, while also enhancing Ireland’s reputation as a leader in the world of tech.

The two day event will showcase everything Dublin has to offer as a global technology hub. Participants will hear from leaders shaping the future of industries across our eight core themes: Creative, Business, Internet of Things, Marketing, Fintech, Medtech, Big Data, Fashion. DTS’s structure is oriented around curating genuine networks and fostering opportunities at every interaction. The conference is focused towards enabling B2B networking. The organizers created an app for attendees to make it easy for conversations to start before the conference kicks off.

There will be many notable speakers and presenters at the Dublin Tech Summit, Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of Vayner Media, will share a presentation about how IoT affects the economy, and then will participate in a Q&A afterwards. The two main founding partner organisations backing the summit are telecommunications firm eir and Falite Ireland, the Irish tourism board. Some of the largest tech firms in the world will attend Dublin Tech Summit this week – for example Microsoft, Intel, Google, PayPal and Facebook.

In a press release issued in the last number of days, organizers highlighted the issue of diversity in the world of tech.

“The conference, in an attempt to promote diversity in tech, provided over €400,000 worth of tickets to underrepresented groups in the industry such as women and students. Additionally, both women and students were enabled to apply right up until this week for a significantly discounted ticket. Ticket holders for the event are 48% female.”

 The new tech conference has the potential to become a big success. Let’s all hope for that.

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