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The Deadpool Movie is FINALLY here!

The Deadpool Movie is FINALLY here!

by userJanuary 4, 2016

Deadpool Trailer Review

The newest trailer for Deadpool starts us off with a glorious shot of the city. And it wastes no time in introducing the hilariously obscene “merc with a mouth”, known as Deadpool.

At the back of a cab, the playful masked assassin, does whatever he pleases, joining the driver at the front in an act of friendship and spontaneity. Introducing himself as “pool. Dead”, invoking the greeting made famous by James Bond, and kicking off one of the most entertaining, and informative Deadpool trailers to date.

We are then immediately treated to a scene featuring an upside down Pool, spinning in the air, while executing three unknown assailants with twin pistols. This quick cut of gratuitous gore demonstrates that this isn’t some typical PG-13 super hero fodder.  Impaling a fourth goon with dual katanas, our resident mercenary breaks the 4th wall with an F-bomb and an ass joke, telling us that “this is a different kind of super hero movie…”. Fans of the comics will be excited for 20th Century Fox’s rendition of Pool’s origin story and more than pleased with the treatment of the source material.

Starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, and T.J. Miller, this movie has been anticipated for a countless number of years!

In the film, Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, is diagnosed with cancer in his brain, liver, and prostate. He elects to undergo an experimental procedure that grants him special regenerative abilities at the cost of his good lucks. T.J. Miller’s character states it best when he tells Wilson that “[he] looks like the inside of other people’s assholes”.

The story has something to do with Wade’s girlfriend, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) getting kidnapped by Ajax (Ed Skrein). But who cares?! The Deadpool movie is FINALLY here!

Set to DMX’s ‘X Gon Give it to Ya’, the remainder of the trailer reveals, an ass pistol and the inclusion of both Colossus (Stephan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

The trailer continues with a series of fast paced action cuts in vehicles, highlighting the high level of energy and humor of the mercenary. As this movie is slated for a February 12th release it is sure to take a bite from the ass of the box office!

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