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The Wedding Ringer – Plot and Review

The Wedding Ringer – Plot and Review

by userFebruary 24, 2015



The Wedding Ringer

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The Wedding Ringer is your standard comedy set around a wedding but isn’t strictly a romantic comedy. Much like The Wedding Singer or The Wedding Planner, it offers no new theme, formula or direction. In fact, going into the film you pretty much know what to expect from it.

Doug Harris played by Josh Gad is getting married but realises that he doesn’t have anyone in his life to be his best man or a groomsman for that matter, Kevin Hart’s character Jimmy Callahan is the owner of a company that provides a best men for people like Doug. Doug hires Jimmy to not only act as his best man but to also hire some groomsmen and to pretend that they’ve all been friends for most of their lives.

What we can guess is that there will be a series of escapades and shenanigans either hilarious or failing to be remotely droll, and for one of the main characters to change their mind at the end. It’s a fairly common formula that although the general public claim is tiresome, they can’t get enough of.

The Wedding Ringer is a good example of how this formula works. The film was quite amusing, although the narrative did often focus on the cliché. One would be lying if they said they didn’t find the film at all amusing. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, amongst others were very amusing and surprisingly worked well together. Even though the structure of the film is very predictable, it did succeed with wild escalations beyond audience expectations and quick one liners.

The reason this film gets this rating is that it’s funny, easy to follow and enjoyable for the whole family. However, as I’ve clearly stated repeatedly, it is very predictable, meaning that you already know most of the plot from seeing the trailer. Also starring Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules).

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