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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

by userJanuary 25, 2015



Kingsman: The Secret Service

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The film is about a top secret military force called Kingsman, a traditional English society of only a handful of agents, all given the code name of one of the round table from King Arthur’s time. They have the latest technology which they use in their battle against evil.

However, one day Lancelot dies in battle, meaning that Kingsman have a spare place on their team and thus gather seven possible candidates, one of which is the son of an old agent of Kingsman and who has a criminal record, a high IQ and military training, along with a few other key skills.

During this intense selection process, Colin Firth’s character, Galahad, is investigating Lancelot’s case and murder, leading him to Samuel Jackson’s character, Valentine, an insane and delightfully eccentric self made millionaire obsessed with saving the world from global warming through a series of global attacks leading to one final battle.



It was clear when watching this film, that Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) had writing input in this movie. It was filled with gruesome and graphic horror which worked well with the idea that these agents have similar characteristics to a typical British agent, non more so than Sean Connery’s James Bond.

However, it wasn’t just Mark Millar who had input in the writing, there is also his partner in comic book writing – Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) who brought the class of Watchmen to the script as well as Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn. All in all this created a cocktail of immense greatness.

Mathew Vaughn’s directing too, did not go unnoticed. The fight scenes were one of the greatest and crisp that have ever been produced in modern cinema. There even being one fight scene that went on for five minutes that had a brief interval where Valentine would stop to comment on the fight. The fight gave the illusion that it was all done in one shot, making it one of the most believable fight scenes in a film, but also having the comical humour as an undertone such as is done in Kick-Ass.

Overall, this action comedy is most likely going to be one of the greatest releases of 2015. Not only that but it would not be surprising if this grew into a successful franchise, to be entertaining us for a while The film is exactly as it was sold to be, whilst still maintaining a few surprises along the way with outstanding performances.

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