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Death by iPhone

Death by iPhone

by userAugust 12, 2014

Stolen iPhone revenge killing

Patrick Bradley aged 29 has a history of violence. However, on the 30th August he approached a politics student called Jordan Grant and mugged him, stealing his iPhone in the process. Jordan has two younger brothers called Lee (17) and Jamie (16). Later that day he approached his father Derek aged 38 who’s a driver and told him of the incident.


Jordan Grant

Using the ‘Find my iPhone’ app they managed to locate Patrick Bradley, and so, Derek armed himself with a knife knowing that he might be in danger and headed to the location of the phone with his three sons. Upon arrival he approached Patrick and told him to hand the phone back. Instantly Patrick replied with a knife to Derek’s eye. Without a moment to lose Derek whipped out his knife and stabbed Patrick repeatedly until he died.VDG

This took place in England, and the law states that if you are a member of a party where one of you stabbed someone, even if you have walked away or are watching you are as guilty as the person who stabbed someone. Grant is currently in custody and he and his three sons will be sentenced on 1 September 2014. Their defence is that this was an act of self defence. The court are arguing whether he intended to do this as he brought a knife, he brought his children as back up and he was the one who approached Patrick with a demand that was bound to start an argument, rather than approaching the police.

The damage to Derek’s eye is so bad that he’s had to give up his job as a driver. What do you think the verdict should be based on what you’ve read here? Is this the origin story of a real life vigilante? Comment below.


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