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Aeroplanes to get Wifi

Aeroplanes to get Wifi

by userAugust 5, 2014

In the 21st Century, if there was ever anything simple that improves people’s lives, you can bet the America will be one fo the first countries to have it. As this tittle suggests, the subject of information in this article is about wireless internet connection on Aeroplanes.

When you turn your phone onto flight mode, or any other device, this will stop it sending, receiving or searching for any type of signal. This is vital because when your phone is doing all this it can interfear with the plane’s scanner, meaning that if you’re phone or other wireless device is turned on and is not in flight mode then the pilot could potentially be flying blind. This means that he could crash into anything.

However, America has recently been using a system of 3G stations on the ground. These are scattered all over the country. These provide 3.1 Mbps (not even big enough to watch a small video online) per plane. However, they do plan to bring in ATG-4 station’s which should provide 9.8Mbps per plane.

This will be able to be used by any device (do note laptops and other big devices do have to be stored during takeoff and landing). You will still have to have your phone in flight mode, but these stations will talk to your phone asking you if you want to accept the signal. If you wish to harness the internet then you will accept.

There are currently dozens of these stations all over the US, and other countries will soon follow suit. This could mean that flights will be more enjoyable in the future.


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