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Top 5 revolutionary games of all time

Top 5 revolutionary games of all time

by userAugust 3, 2014

5) LA Noir.

LA Noir was released in 2011 and is set in Los Angeles in 1947. You play a detective who used to be a soldier iworld war 2, but now has to investigate a series of crimes, usually murder. The gameplay was you going around town trying to solve these cases, whilst also dealing with you personal life.

This game is in this list because it was the first game to introduce motion capture into videogames. Where as before everything is computer animated and actors just spoke into a microphone, in this game they would record the actors face and place it within the video game so that you could pick up on the little actions that the actors would do (so you may spot a tell to see if they were lying). You could also choose if you believed the suspects, thought they were lying, indifferent, etc.

This ide has great potentialy. It could mean that in the future we could see actors like we do in the movies. However, since this will create additional costs, it seems unlikely that they would do such a thing unless it was needed.



4) Jet set radio

Jet Set Radio was released in the year 2000. It was so successful that it eventually lead to the release of a sequel in 2002. It was so beloved by people that some of the characters still appear in some games where they have different characters from different gaming universes (much like Marvel vs Capcom has people from the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe).

In the game, you could choose from a series of roller scaters in the fictional city Tokyo-To. Once you’ve selected a character you had a series of missions in a veriety of maps. Much like most sporting video games at the time you had to acheive over a certain score for style and stunts, you could collect things and customise other things. In this game, the only thing you could collect, customise or create was the graffiti which you could spray all over the maps.

In the first game, you form a team called the GG’s when a veriety of other scater teams start invading you territory. To make matters worse, you also have to contend with the police, the army and a mafia known as the Rhino’s. There were also more challenges, you could have a race, a challenge to see who can tag spray grafitti) who the most or who can tag the town the most, etc.

The reason it get’s a position in this list is because it is the first sport based videogame where you can actually do things unrelated to the sport, such as tagging. Where as, other videogames at that time such as Tony Hawks pro skater 3 all you did was ride around on a skate board. Moreover, Jet Set radio actually had a story line to make the game actually have a point. In Tony hawks pro skater 2 all you did was ride a skate board around different places and then atend one professional competition just for the fun of it. Even in driving games you drive just for fun.

This game is on the list for bringing a story to sport based video games and for providing alternate tasks to them aswell. It is incidently also revolutionary because of its uniue choice in music. It chose artists taht are foreign, work under a gaming license or that cannot be found mainstream. Moreover, t purposely chose music that was about the way it sounded as appose to the worlds the singers were actually saying. This was so that each map would get a particular vibre and thus enforce the game. It has inspired many a game to think more carefully about the music that they include in their video games. Some are even willing to argue that it inspired the birth of Mirror’s edge.


3) Half life

There once was a small company known as Valve. Although today they are mainly known for the biggest online store Steam Powered (or Steam for short) and for their upcoming games consel the Steam Machine (as mentioned in Steam Machine, Xbox One, PlayStation 4: top gaming device?).  Steam is a free online video game library where you download videogames to play on your computer, laptop, etc (only pay to purchase video game).

Valve is also known for produced the odd video game just for fun, and they end up being ahead of their time be it with graphics, or gameplay. Top tittles include Left 4 Dead, Portal 2 and Team fortress 2. they are simple games where you have to get from A to B and overcome all the apponets, be it zombies, alliens or mersonaries. However, they are notoriously known for only creating two games for a franchise and producing them late.

Half life was released in 1998. Where as other Valve games are usualy mods (bits of other games made differently) of other of its games with basic story lines but also being allot of fun, Half life was one of Valve’s proper video games which it should take pride in. A theoretical physisist called Gordon Freeman who works for a big science firm called Black Mesa which is located in the middle of a desert underground. One day when he’s late for work his station are examening a new element when it cracks open and produces a worm hole where a veriety of alien come out. To make matters worse, armed soldiers known as the combine are sent in to kill every living thing including humans.

The game is well known for it’s evolving story line, it’s head crab zombies (another villain in the game) and for the G man (a character who keeps popping up in the background of the game, and when he finally speaks to you at the end has a queer way of speaking).It was so successful that they continued the game with Half Life 2, Half life 2 episode 1, Half life 2 episode 2, Black Mesa, Half life blue, etc. It is even clear that Portal, Gary’s mod and Left for dead are mods of this game, and still they are successful. Even one’s by other businesses such as Pay Day 2. Moreover Halo’s game play is so similar to Half life, that it’s no wonder why Microsoft would launch their new games consul with a variant of a successful game. Moreover, Half life had graphics that were way ahead of its time.

I think more information than needed about how great this game is has been said. Saying that, that is not the reason why it is in this Top 5 list. The reason is that it was the first game where you could propperly interact with the scenery and background. The closest you came was in Doom where you would shoot an explosive and it would explode. In half life, you could propperly run around and interact with everything. If you shot a wall, a bullet hole would appear. You could run around, pick up items and throw them at people without it even being needed. You could even throw it at someone who is speaking to him. It also changed games from point and shoot to one where they had to be methodical, be it working out how to solve a puzzle on to how to proceed or be it what course of action to defeat your enemy.



2) Doom

Doom was released in 1993 and it holds its place on this list because it was the most popular 3 Dimensional game of it’s time. Although you personally controlled your character horizontally excluding the ability to jump and climb ladders (can’t look up). You were a space marine on the planet Mars where U.A.C Labs was placed. One day space deamons attack the entire space station and you have to fight your way to freedom.

It was the biggest seller at that time, and as you can guess it’s syfy horror. Doom has lead to the inspiration of many science fiction of horror in general stories and without the Doom video game, the video game industry may not have been what it is today. In 1993 video game’s weren’t deemed as cool. But for the small percentage that played Video games, they usually had to go to an arcade where they would eventually loose all their pocket money or stay at home with a private game station and enjoy what was usually shodddy game play and a 2 dimensional world. Moreover, Doom 3 (2004) was the first video game where, despite being in 1st person you still got to see your reflection in a mirror. But it still gets freaky.



1) Brown box/ tennis for two. Multiplayer and 1st video game.

I think it would be more than fair to mention the first videogame ever in this list. However, there is an argument to what the first video game actually was. There are three options, and they are as follow;

  • The Cathode ray tube (as mentioned in Quantum not? Quantum is. THe future of screens) which was invented in 1929. It is in essanece an electron fired through a defractive medium and projected onto a phosphorus screen whilst in a vaccume. Or in other words, just a dot on a screen. Using magnets you could move the electron (as it has a negative magnetic charge) which meant you could move it about on the screen. This is how TV generally works today but because you could interact with the projection people say it could be classed as the first video game ever.
  • Tennis for two. If we skip forward to 1958 we are introduced toa gizmo where there would be two controllers, one for each person (2 player video game as the name suggests). On the screen they would see a square which was suppose to be the tennis ball, and much like pong you had to hit it back to the other player. The main problem was, which is why some people doubt it’s a video game, is that you couldn’t actually see what you were controlling. All you saw was a dot going back and forth across a screen. Other people believe that because it responded to the controlers this makes it a videogame. Whos right?
  • The brown box. 10 years later in 1968 they created a game much like Tennis for two, the main difference being, if you haven’t guessed it, is that you could see things that you were actually controlling, the rectangles that were suppose to be like tennis rackets. Although still 2D, it was revolutionary. Not only did you have to hit the ball with the racket if you hoped to win, but you could also add spin to the ball, making the game even trickier.



Honourable mention

To all those games that didn’t get in this list, I am sorry. Some good examples of games that I am sorry for are

  • World of War Craft (most popular MMO RPG of all time which is still growing strong)
  • Mine Craft (original idea in this day and age + changes the way in which games can be bought)
  • Pacman (The most favorable arcade game of all time)
  • Time splitters 2 (huge multiplayer options be it characters or maps and number of bots)
  • Planet side 2 (major MMOFPS)
  • Star wars battle front (the most enjoyable video game ever)
  • Rogue trooper (Played in 3rd person, where ever you looked the character you played as also looked).
  • Max Payne (It’s unique way of telling the story, and your character actually did stuff when you weren’t such as looking around – making them more real)
  • James Bond Golden Eye (1997 – first game to bring multiplayer with bots to the living room).


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