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Guardians of the Galaxy plot and review

Guardians of the Galaxy plot and review

by userAugust 2, 2014

Guardians of the galaxy starts in the late 1980’s somewhere in America. Peter Quill also referred to as Skylord during the film (Chris Pratt – Her, The delivery man and Moneyball) has just seen his mother die from a long a painful illness. He runs away from the hospital in distress and is abducted by an alien species. 26 years alter (in 2014) he is on an alien planet and is trying to steel an Orb to sell on to an anonymous customer. However, Ronan (Lee Pace – The Hobbit and Lincoln) is a powerful ruler of the Galaxy and wishes that the Orb be returned to him so that he may destroy the galaxy.

He sends one of his companions (that secretly loathes him) called Gamora (Zoe Saldana – Avatar and Star Trek) to retrieve the orb. However, at this exact time, the people that abducted Peter and took him in are hunting him down because he was suppose to return the orb to them, but instead was selling it behind their back. The abductors then put a bounty on Peter’s head, which attracts the eye of Rocket (Bradly Cooper – Limitless and The Hangover) and Groot (Vin Diesel – Fast and Furious and Saving Private Ryan). This results in a massive combat that takes place in the heart of a city, leading to them all being arrested.

Whilst in jail, the four of them realize that if they work together, then they can sell the orb to make a greater profit than the bounty on Peter’s head, that Peter will be able to sell it for more than he can anywhere else and to keep it out of the hands of Ronan. Especially seeing that they pick up another companion called Drax (Dave Bautista – Riddick and The man with the iron fists) who only wishes to see Ronan’s blood after Ronan killed his family.

It eventually leads to Ronan harvesting the orb and nearly destroying the galaxy if not for the final stand off of not just the guardians against him, but also the police and those who abducted Peter at the start (for the promise that they can keep the orb afterwards).


When the credits start to roll, we see the caption of ‘The guardians of the galaxy will return’, and after the credits are not treated of things to come, but rather an appearance of Howard the Duck, a character so awful he ruined the Marvel Zombie multiverse who’s only claim to being a character is his humor by the fact that he’s a talking duck and that’s just CRAZY!


All in all the film is a success. It was fun, enjoyable, easy to follow and was even funny. Although it doesn’t have any direct connections to the Marvel universe that we are used to, featuring the Avengers, as of yet, it can still be enjoyed by big fans of the universe. Moreover, it can also be enjoyed as a separate story to what we know of the current Marvel Movie universe as it felt less like our lives with super heroes and more like Star Wars. It is without a doubt that this film will be one of the greatest this year has to offer, and possibly one of the best that Marvel has and/or will ever offer. And to top it all off, and has a kick ass sound track.

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  • Edward
    August 6, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    When I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and I saw Howard the Duck, I bowed my head in shame and hid it under my jacket, before realizing that someone else in the cinema was even more disappointed by shouting at the screen. I know that Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory will share with the world how disappointed he was with Howard’s feature.

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