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The death of the Simpsons?

The death of the Simpsons?

by userAugust 1, 2014

Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons and Futurama) used to write a comic strip called life in hell, starring a bunny who couldn’t help but end up in an escapade or wind up injuring itself, or just being the butt of a practical joke.
In the 80’s, the Tracy Ellen Show from Hollywood call him and ask him for some quick cartoon scenes to brake up the show. However, 15 minutes before going into the interview with the show, he decides not to go forward with his Life in Hell but instead concocted the Simpsons, based very much on his own family. It later lead to it’s own TV series and eventually its own movie and series of video games.
The family stars Homer Simpson, the father. Fat, lazy, stupid. He works at a nuclear power plant for a boss who is the symbol of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Homer has a house wife called Marge. She runs the entire house, is completely competent and quite intelligent. They have three children, Bart being the eldest and a regular classroom clown at the age of 10. His sister, Lisa, of 8 is a genius be it maths, music, literature or history. Then there’s Maggy who is but a toddler.
The show is a comedy for all ages and have a huge array of characters to fit into many stories. Some characters are based of fictional people, such as Principle Skinner is based off of Norman Bates (Psycho) or real people such as Mayor Quimby is based off of President Kennedy.




The show has done 25 seasons thus far (since 1989) and 552 episodes. However, since it has begun some of the actors have since died off, and thus has their characters. Actors such as Phil Hartman (Jingle all the way and Saturday night live) who played Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz (actor was shot to death by his wife), or Marcia Wallace (Monsters University) who played Edna Krabappel (actor died of Sepsis and Pneumonia).

Slowly but surely a verity of characters have dissapeared or have been killed off such as Maurde Flanders. It’s just a question and a matter of time before most characters have dissapeared or been killed.

What we do know is, that one character is yet again going to die in this seasons premiere. Although unclear who, people still speculate. In other news the Simpsons will have a crossover episode with Family Guy (see One could speculate that these attention seeking headlines are designed as a marketing stunt only, rather than for entertainment value or to regain 3-dimensional problems to the shows. This could be because the show is loosing viewers. There are a verity of reasons as to why this may be, although all these would be unfair to publish within this article.

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