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by userJuly 31, 2014

It is not unknown that Detective Comics are following Marvel’s lead on producing the Avengers movie with their own Justice League movie. It is not a well known fact however that this won’t be the first justice league movie, for instance DC in 2012 (cartoon movie). However, this isn’t the only film that they’ve got planned.

In 2016 and 2017 they’ve lined up Batman V Superman, Dawn of Justice and Justice league. However, not only do they have that much confidence in their films despite what online fans say, but they’ve also lined up Man of Steel 2 for 2018. Although anticipation for Batman V Superman is generally negative mainly due to the uncreative tittle and the fact that DC originally planed to release all their heroes into this one film, it could still lead to something special.


But now, the only DC films that will be applicable to this new series of films is Man of Steel (2013), featuring Super man, his arrival on Earth and what is left of his home planet from which he was sent from as a child (as it was being destroyed) Krypton. Not only that but he must destroy the remaining people that have survived as they wish to kill and destroy Earth and the humans to try and bring back their species.

Some people still ask the question on whether the DC TV series Arrow (2012 – present), centered around Green Arrow (great aim with a verity of arrows with different abilities and very athletic) will be set in the same universe as the films. The short answer to that is no. Saying that, this Autumn (or fall) they will also be releasing the TV series Flash (super speed), centered around forensic scientist Barry Allen.

The fact that the Flash is one of the unconfirmed Justice League of America heroes for the upcoming films but yet receiveing his own TV series is making people wonder weather or not he will be in the films at all. What we do know is that Wonder woman (Gal Gadot – Fast and furious 6), Bat man (Ben Affleck – Argo and Good will hunting)and Superman (Henry Cavill – Immortals) will be. DC are also trying to bring in iconic villains Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg – The social network and Zombie land), Doomsday, Lobo and Black Adam (The rock .A.K.A. Dwayn Johnson – The scorpion king and Fast and furious) .A.K.A. Shazam.

It is unlikely that Ryan Reynold’s (The proposal and R.I.P.D) Green Lantern will be featuring due to the negative comments on the film. Other DC heroes such as Cyborg, Martian Manhunter or Aqua man are still as yet unconfirmed (but Aqua man is rumoured to be played by Jason Momoa – Conan the Barbarian, in Batman V Superman).  DC would also like there to be a Wonder Woman film, however, thus far they have one actress, 2 producers, one writer and 0 story.

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