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X-Men Apocalypse – Rumours

X-Men Apocalypse – Rumours

by userJune 14, 2014

X-Men Apocalypse – Movie Rumours

X-Men Apocalypse is the next X-Men film. X-Men is the 11th highest grossing film franchise of all time, so it’s no surprise that the party is still going on. This film will be taking place after the X-Men’s latest debut, however, the producer said it is more of a sequel to X-Men First Class. One would assume that this means that the disagreement between Magneto and Charles Xavier is continued.

This film will be taking place in the 1980’s and rumour has it that it will be featuring the younger versions of Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey. It will be written by Dan Harris (X2), Michael Dougherty (X2 and Superman Returns) and Bryan Singer (Directed X-Men – Days of Future Past). It is currently scheduled to be released in cinemas on the 27th May 2016.

With the latest film, X-Men Days of Future Past re-writing history, most of the facts that we know about the X-Men no longer have standing. Some facts such as whether Wolverine’s claws will be covered in adamantium or will be solid bone is a mystery. This leaves the writers with a lot of material to work with.

Most of the cast will remain the same, Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle and The Hunger Games) as Raven/ Mystique, Michael Fassbender (Prometheus and Inglorious Bastards) as Magneto, Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies and About a Boy) as Beast, James McAvoy (Trance and Wanted) as Charles Xavier, Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables and The Prestige) as Wolverine and Evan Peters (Kick Ass and American Horror Story) as Quicksilver. There are however rumours of new cast members. New cast members such as Channing Tatum (This is the End and 22 Jump Street) as Gambit.

Fox are saying as little as possible for the moment, but it is clear that this is not scheduled to be the last X-Men film, if you wish to learn more about some of these characters, visit the X-Men Mutant Encyclopaedia.

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