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Top 5 TV Shows – Based on viewer’s income

Top 5 TV Shows – Based on viewer’s income

by userMay 25, 2014

How much does the average viewer of each TV show make?

The following data shows the average income of viewers of a particular TV show, ranked highest to lowest.

1) Modern family – $81,100.

Modern Family is a TV series about three different but related families. It started off in 2009 and as you can guess is still running today. One of the families is your stereotypical suburban family. A goofy relastate agent (played by Ty Burrell- also been in Dawn of the Dead, Mr Peabody and Sherman and The Incredible hulk) and his serious wife – a stay at home mom (played by Julie Bowen- also been in Horrible Bosses and Happy Gilmore) and their three children, the eldest being little miss popular and beauty, the second being little miss smartie pants and the youngest being the adorable only boy.

The second family is the wife’s gay but serious brother (Played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson – also been in Untraceable and The Class) who varies in his profession in environmental and criminal law. His over the top dramatic boyfriend – at present fiancé (played by Eric Stonestreet – also been in Almost Famous and Identity Thief) varies in his profession, but at present is a PE teacher. They have an adopted and sarcastic daughter who comes from Vietnam.

The third family being the again serious father (Played by Ed O’Neill who’s also been in The Bone Collector and Married with Children) of Ferguson and Bowen’s characters. He is married to a glamerous Latino housewife (Played by Sofia Vergara, also been in The Smurfs and Machete Kills), and they live with her eccentric son, and their new toddler.

It is an award winning family sitcom. Although unclear on how long it will actually run for, some of the characters are coming towards the age where they’ll have to leave the show to go to college, it is certainly one that has entertained millions of families world wide. It is unique for a sitcom in the way it is delivered, as in they are a real family apart of a TV program where the camera folk follow the characters in their day to day lives. It is also well known for it’s famous cameo’s.

Modern Family TV Show income


2) Parks and Recreation – $81,000.

Again, this is a TV series that started in 2009 and is still running today. It’s a comedy about police officers in a fictional town in Indiana, and various of characters with qualms that they would like to bring up with them. Amy Poehler’s character (also been in Blades of Glory and Mean Girls) is the head of the Parks and Recreation department, and there is a massive uproar between some of the citizens of the town and some of the officials about construction in building a park.

It also stars Chris Pratt (Her and Wanted), Aziz Ansari (Ice Age: Continental Drift and Epic), Nick Offerman (We’re the Millers and 21 Jump Street) and Aubrey Plaza (Monsters University and Scott Pilgrim vs The World), to name a handful.

This series is also unique in it’s story line, the premise similar to that of The Office and Desperate Housewives, on the surface, it has grown to become a mixture of the two, filling a gap in the market and in people’s hearts.

Parks and Recreation TV Show Income


3) The Amazing Race – $75,700.

The Amazing Race is a reality TV series, where teams are made from couples who know each other before the program race around the world. Much like a scavenger hunt, every time they arrive at their next location on the globe, they are faced with their next clue on where they need to go. However, it’s not as easy as going from A to B, for instance, their may be an additional rule for this one journey such as taking a U turn and going the other way round the Earth.

For instance, if they started off at London, England and they were faced with the clue, “Go were William F Lamb’s most famous building is” (Not that good of a clue in this instance), the answer being the Empire State Building, they would go to the Empire State Building. However, if they got an instruction saying take a u turn and they are facing America, this would mean that they would have to go all around the Earth instead of going over the Pacific Ocean.

This Game show was first aired in 2001, and is still running today.

The Amazing Race TV Show Income


4) Nashville – $74,400.

This musical drama was first aired in 2012 and is still running today. Much like all programs on this list, it too is of American origin. The plot is about a musician played by Connie Britton (also been in ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’) who is the established queen of country music. But all is not as well as it seems for her as her latest album is not selling well and her tour is currently only consisting of half empty (or full if you would) venues. Her managers suggest that she does a joint tour with and perform an opening act for Hayden Panettiere’s (been in ‘A Bug’s Life’, ‘Racing Stripes’ and TV series ‘Heroes’) character. However, Hayden’s character is jealous of Connie’s and thus she tries to alienate her. Connie’s character rejects the opportunity to join Hayden’s tour.

To make matters worse, both characters want Charles Esten’s character,  Connie’s band mate and former lover. And when you think the plot couldn’t be juicier, Connie’s millionaire business man father played by Powers Boothe (been in ‘Sin City’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’) convinces her husband, played by Eric Close (been in ‘The magnificent 7’ and ‘Without a trace’ to run for mayor of Nashville. Could the plot be any thicker?

Nashville TV Show Income


5) The Goldbergs – $73,900.

This is the latest of all the TV seasons we have come across thus far in this article. Premier in late 2013 and recently finished it’s first season, The Goldbergs have managed to become the show with the 5th highest median audience income of our time. An outrageous triumph. It takes place in the 1980’s and it follows the Goldberg family, the father is played by Jeff Garlin (‘Toy Story 3′ and’ Curb Your Enthusiasm’) and his wife played by Wendi McLendon-Covey (‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Reno 911’). They have 3 children played by Hayley Orrantia (judge on The X factor – US version), Troy Gentile (‘Drill bit Taylor’ and ‘Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny’) and the youngest played by Sean Giambrone.

Sean’s character is filming his family life like a documentary, whilst an older and more modern version of his character (exact same character in the future) played by Patton Oswalt (‘Ratatouille’ and ‘The King of Queens’) narrates. There is also the grandfather, on the mothers side, who re-occurs to offer his grandchildren advice – played by George Segal.

It is a family comedy with a mainly star cast, set at a time that not only mocks the 80’s with its technologies and its people’s beliefs (such as children safety measures) but also mocks everything that comes it’s way. However successful it is, questions remain. Will it see a second season with these already famous stars? Will it continue to entice the audience? Is it more fitting with the tone of the article to ask a third question? Time will tell.

The Golbergs TV Show Income


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