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Bad Neighbours – Movie Review

Bad Neighbours – Movie Review

by userMay 5, 2014

Bad neighbours. Bad film?

This film was American Pie meets Super Bad. It played with fire, pushing the boundaries when it comes to comedy and broad sexual themes. An example of this was the opening scene when we meet Marc (Seth Rogan, Knocked up) and Kelly (Rose Byrne, X-Men and 28 weeks later) Radner copulating. This on it’s own was not so disturbing, if not for the fact that they were doing this whilst in the same room as their baby daughter Stella. The two try to copulate over and over again and get over the problem of Stella watching.

I felt compelled to give this film 5 stars due to its creativity and its success of making me both laugh and cringe at the same time, be it Zac Efron (as Teddy Sanders, Zac has also been in 18 again) and Seth Rogan having an epic duel using dildo’s in the shape of the frat’s phalluses or when Seth Rogan had to milk his wife – don’t ask, you really don’t want to know.

The idea was simple, plausible, and it escalated to the point that one was sure someone would die. Mr and Mrs Radner spent their life savings in buying a new house, only for the people to move in next door to be a fraternity house. The two parties fail to meet eye to eye and they both start a war against each other, the Radner’s want to remove the fraternity from their neighbourhood, the frat’s want to make the newly parent’s life hell.

The film is exactly as it is portrayed in the trailer and in the title. I needn’t say more about the plot, it’s just that easy to follow and the story is all in the title. But as you can guess with it being a comedy, this film is less about the story and more about the journey that the two parties go through as the plot thickens. I can guarantee that there is something within this film to make you laugh as this film becomes one of the most outrageous of the decade.

P.S. For all the Efron lovers, he spent the entire film pretty much topless. Was this needed? I don’t think so.

Also staring Dave Franco (Shroom and Scrubs) as Pete (Frat member), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick-ass) as Sconnie (Frat member), Ike Barinholtz as Jimmy (Radner’s friend, divorced to Paula) and Carla Gallo as Paula (Radner’s friend, divorced from Jimmy)

Bad Neighbours movie review



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