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Godzilla Trailer – First Look

Godzilla Trailer – First Look

by userMay 1, 2014

With it’s release date fast approaching ‘Godzilla’ has just been given another trailer. After this trailer I am still looking forward to the movie, but a lot of my excitement has been removed and doubt has been implanted. I just no longer think this Is the epic I was expecting after seeing the first trailer, I think the new one reveals too much and reveals things I did not want to see.

After the first teaser for the film, I was genuinely convinced this could be the best monster movie ever to grace the big screen. I saw this because the monster himself, Godzilla, was being teased. Like ‘Cloverfield’, they showed glimpses of the monster and mass destruction. This was genuinely frightening and I loved the established anarchic tone. However, this new trailer shows too much of the monster and I don’t think there is going to be that shock value I was initially expecting. In terms of the tone, this one feels more like an action movie and I miss the tense dystopian feel that the original trailer had. It’s still there, but it has been substituted for more fleshed out action.

godzilla fat movie

What upset me most about this trailer is the introduction of other monsters. I’m not in any way suggesting this will make it a worse movie, only the new trailer  looks like a darker ‘Pacific Rim’. Godzilla VS the Kaichu. Nevertheless, I’m sure this won’t hamper the overall movie experience as this trailer affirms my belief that ‘Godzilla’ still has the potential to be one of the best films of the summer period.

godzilla vs pacific rim




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