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Top 5 – Upcoming TV Seasons

Top 5 – Upcoming TV Seasons

by userApril 29, 2014

Top 5 highly anticipated TV seasons


1) Better Call Saul.

Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk – been in too many things to mention) is a mystery of a character from the well acclaimed multi-award winning TV series Breaking Bad. The TV series Breaking Bad is one of the best TV programmes of our time. Saul Goodman became the protagonists, Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston – Also plays Hal in Malcolm in the middle) and Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul – also plays random man in Mission Impossible 3) lawyer. Saul was well known throughout the series as the funny man who gets things done with a smile. He had connections to everyone and solutions to everything but every time Walter White applied the slightest pressure Saul would crumble.

We know absolutely nothing about Saul Goodman, his real name, what he likes to do, or even where he goes at the end of Breaking Bad. What we do know however, is that his spin off confirmed by Vince Gilligan (writer and creator of Breaking Bad) will take place before he even hears the name Walter White. This is likely to be a successful TV series by the fact that every episode can easily have a new and separate story line as lawyers meet new characters every day – just as long as it doesn’t go the way the TV series Joey did (the spin off from Friends).

breaking bad leads to better call saul

better call saul tv show


2) American Psycho.

American Psycho was originally a book about a commodity broker who adopts schizophrenia and becomes clinically insane, murdering his colleagues, prostitutes and the homeless. Well, almost anyone that comes his way. In the year 2000 it was released in cinemas worldwide starring Christian Bale (most known for his exceptional performances as Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy) as the killer – Patrick Bateman. And yes, much like most good movies it has a twist. It is without a doubt a film everyone has to see before they die – and probably one of the best films Christian Bale has ever been in.

Its sequel however, starring Mila Kunis (who also plays Meg Griffin in Family Guy) was not so good. It was unasked for, and unwanted, about a college girl who kills people she deems as a threat for a position as class room assistant and believes that she killed Patrick Bateman. Not only this but she also should have been caught on several occasions.

American Psycho has also been turned into a musical stage production. It has struck such a cord with fans that it was even shown at the West End and starred Matt Smith (Doctor Who) as Patrick Bateman.

Fox have now announced though, that they will have a TV series of American Psycho where Patrick Bateman is in his 50’s. He’s still crazy and up to his old antics. One thing is different though, he hires an apprentice and hopes to also teach him the way of how to become the next american psycho – one upping Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street). Should be a hoot.

american psycho movie christian bale

Patrick Bateman - American Psycho


3) Bad Teacher

Inspired by the film Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz (protagonist in Night and Day) as Miss Halsey – a fun loving party animal of a gold digger, Cameron Diaz has now been replaced by Arri Graynor (Joyce Margolis in the Guilt Trip) playing a sad divorcee known as Miss Davis. Although it’s running on a different theme, it is still believed to be an outrageous comedy. The story line however will in structure be the same, meaning that overall it will still come out as highly beloved by the public, however, with these radical changes only a few years after the films released, it is still a question whether this will be a hit or a flop.

Cameron Diaz Bad Teacher TV Show

Arri Graynor Bad Teacher TV Show


4) Marvel Agents of Shield: Season 3

Marvel Agents of SHIELD left us on a cliff hanger. The story line interlocked with the recent Thor and Captain America movies. At the end of season seven, we see that SHIELD was in fact mainly run by Hydra and was torn apart by the SHIELD agents who didn’t know who they should be fighting. It ended with some of the characters that we’ve trusted since the pilot ending up as Hydra agents them self, and a deadly foe known as the Clairvoyant escaping from SHIELD’s capture. And the mystery of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg).

This could end up as bigger news than one may first anticipate as it also interlocks with the huge Marvel film franchise. Not to mention that the Avengers still believe he’s dead after the events of the film.

Agents of Shield hydra twist

Agents of Shield Season 3 TV Show


5) Brave New World with Stephen Hawking

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking hosts a documentary talking about and demonstrating the worlds coolest or most helpful state of the art technology. However, if you are in the UK then you may have already seen this BBC series. Don’t feel cheated, take comfort in the fact that USA have programmes that haven’t made it over the pond such as Silicon Valley – a TV show about a startup and its rise and journey to success. Need I say more.

Brave new world stephen hawking tv show

Brave new world stephen hawking tv show usa



Do you agree with this list? If you think there’s another season that deserves a mention – tell us in the comments below.



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    Better Call Saul has recently been picked up for a second season. I’ve got high hopes over here.

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