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Sanlise Celluon: Futuristic Next Gen Keyboard

Sanlise Celluon: Futuristic Next Gen Keyboard

by userApril 27, 2014

Full size pocket keyboards

The computer keyboard industry has exploded and become more varied over recent years, with keyboards ranging from size of a palm to the size of a computer monitor, with a variety of different features such as a built-in touch pads to replace a mouse or the fact that they can also be wireless or even light up every time you press a key. A noticeable change over the years is that mobile phones are not just phones anymore, but devices we send and receive e-mails on and browse the web. This lead to the creation of multi-touch displays with full qwerty keyboards that adapt to the application. This is exceeding their normal changes with technology, such as changing from floppy disk to CD, the keyboard industry has had to become more creative and flexible with the shapes and sizes that they offer to compete with these touch screens, such as making a role up portable keyboard or even creating a keyboard that is specially designed to reduce arthritis in one’s hands due to repetitive action.

Now none of this is really news seeing that we don’t live in the 90’s, however, some people have taken it one step further, some companies have actually create a device that not only projects a keyboard in front of you but also responds every time you ‘tap’ one of the projected keys. The example that we are looking at in this article is the Sanlise(TM) Celluon Magic Cube Laser virtual Projector Keyboard for iphone/ipad/Android PC. The Sanlise Celluon is the best and cheapest on the market for only £129.95. Not only is it compatible with PC’s but it also works with Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

How does it work?

The theory behind it is simple. It uses a series of programmed lasers to fire the shapes of the keyboard onto a surface (you can vary how big or small keyboard is). Then, using a series of sensitive sensors, when a path of one of the lasers in obstructed, the keyboard senses that you’ve pressed this key and thus places that character on screen.


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