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Will Spider-Man be joining the X-Men?

Will Spider-Man be joining the X-Men?

by userApril 16, 2014

Will Spider-Man be in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

It’s not surprising for superheroes to team up, but with the movie rights for X-Men belonging to Fox and the movie rights to Spider-Man belonging to Sony, it comes as a shock to many to find out that the mid-credits clip for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is actually an exclusive clip for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Is this hinting at Spider-Man appearing in the upcoming X-Men movie?

The exclusive mid-credits clip shows Mystique, Toad and Havok taking on the military.

There is a large history of Spider-Man teaming up with other Marvel characters in the comics and he has appeared with the X-Men many times.


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Credits



X-Men Days of Future Past in Spider-Man 2


The Amazing Spider-Man 2:


X-Men: Days of Future Past:



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