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Non Stop: Movie Plot and Review

Non Stop: Movie Plot and Review

by userMarch 2, 2014

Non Stop: Movie Plot and Review

Non-stop is a film about an air marshal (Liam Neeson) who, whilst on board of a voyager plane whilst doing his job, receives a text message from a terrorist on the plane, who threatens to kill someone every 20 minutes unless a transfer of a large some of money has been wired to a bank account in the marshal’s name. The leads the outside world to believe that the air marshal is the one hijacking the plane.

This film is a classic bit of light entertainment in the sense that there is a terrorist threat, lives at stake and with a time constraint. It was easy to follow, and was quite enjoyable. Although, the reasons as to why this occurs is very lousy at the end, but that’s not why you see a film like this. This is the sort of film that’s on the television late on a Friday or Saturday night that you put on for a spot of light entertainment.

Although it’s not a must see Hollywood blockbuster, it’s still a very entertaining film with a 3-dimensional protagonist and suspense filled parts. I believe that it was worth seeing.


Liam Neeson as the air marshal

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