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Steam Machine, Xbox One, PlayStation 4: top gaming device?

Steam Machine, Xbox One, PlayStation 4: top gaming device?

by userDecember 15, 2013

Steam Machine rises

With the recent release of the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4, the classic problem of which is best still arises. However, I propose that neither of these two are the best console at the moment, I suggest that the best console is the Steam Machine, although not currently released to the public, they have released a Steam OS and a guide for DIY steam machine, which you can run on any computer.

It’s been designed by Valve, famous for video games such as Half life, Portal and Left 4 Dead to name a few, but they are also famous for the online game store known as Steam. On Steam one can buy the latest and even some old video games and download them onto their computer, to play when they so wish, online or off.

Steam also offers people to hang out with friends, and is available to anyone, usually offering price’s lower than that in stores. The Steam machine acts like a computer, except is made mainly for playing video games. So why is the steam machine better than Xbox or PlayStation?

Compatibility with systems, price, accessories, online costs:

Xbox One PlayStation 4 Steam Machine
Compatibility Microsoft have their own system library Sony have their own system library Steam has an online library from the game producers them self (bigger library).
Accessories You must buy Microsoft specific kit or variant. You must buy Sony specific kit or variant. Can use any kit, Microsoft, or other. Even Steam’s own.
Price About £430 About £350 Standard computer price
Online cost’s (annual) £39.96 + (24 free games) £39 + (65 free games+ discounts) £0.00


One should note, that there is more to the story than this, for instance, when you buy a game on steam, you can access it anywhere, and trade it with someone else or even give it them as a gift.

In short, you’re probably better off with a steam machine if you’re interested in video gaming, and a lack of future costs, and a device you are able to modify.

.Steam Machine

Steam Machine (OS)


Where to find them


PlayStation 4

Steam Machine

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  • Freddy Crugar
    December 16, 2013 at 9:15 am

    With steam releasing their own console I propose this scenario:
    Steam have released their new console in competition with the Xbox One and PS4 thus the Steam Machine is the third console,
    Valve who have made the Steam Machine also made Half Life 1 and 2 and this is where it gets interesting.
    With Valve making the third console after making Half Life 1 and 2, Half Life 3 is confirmed.

    • Edward
      December 16, 2013 at 6:28 pm

      Do note, there has already been confirmation of half life 3
      being produce, see
      However, more recent information from a source inside valve states that they
      will be skipping half life 3 and doing half life 4 instead, referring back to
      half life 3.

      Furthermore, lest we forget the game consoles by Nintendo
      not mentioned in this article because they are aimed at providing unique ways
      to play video games, unlike the xbox one which tries to be more a home cinema
      which happens to be a video game playing device as well, thus multifunctional. If we include this, then you’re logic still stands.

      With out a doubt the Wii U is filling a gap in the market,
      and can be purchased here:

      But I still value the PC as the best gaming device at

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