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Leap Motion: a handy accessory

Leap Motion: a handy accessory

by userDecember 14, 2013

Leap Motion is really handy

10 years ago, to find someone with a touch screen phone was hard. In fact, finding them with a touch screen anything was hard. However, at present it’s relatively easy to find people with these sorts of things. But like most things now, this novelty of interactive screens have taken a leap forwards, with a product known as Leap Motion (.A.K.A. Leap Motion Controller).

Leap motion is a practically new way to interact with your PC or Mac, and is certainly an impressive one. Instead of using one’s mouse to interact with their device, they instead wave their fingers over the controller. Leap motion tracks both hands and all ten fingers up to 1/100th millimetre, with no visible latency. It’s applicable with games, surfing the internet, making music, and more.

A leap motion controller cost’s somewhere between £50.00 – £70.00
Leap Motion Controller (Interacts with your Mac or PC, comes with Airspace), and is connected to your computer via USB port, be it PC or Mac. It also needs a single download from and you’re on your way, to a mouse less future.

leap motion

More pictures and video’s at the web address’ above and YouTube.

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